About This Site

So. You're here. And you can't decide if you want to stick around.

Fear not! Our team of highly skilled, dashing, and slightly heroic editors have come up with the perfect solution to your dilemma: a survey to determine if this website will work for you, what your personality is, and probably whether or not you like spinach.


Question 1 - When you read a book, it is because:
  1. You enjoy skirmishes with danger, spies, swords, explosions, and whatever else jumps out from the story.
  2. You don't have any choice. Mom told you to.
  3. The TV is dead.
Question 2 - When you dislike a book, you feel:
  1. Devastated. The authors said it would be good. They lied.
  2. Furious. The World owes you one.
  3. Satisfied. You knew it wouldn't be any fun.
ANSWER KEY: If you answered any of the questions at all, thank you! People don't normally do what I tell them to. It really doesn't help me predict whether or not you like spinach, but thanks for trying.

Quite frankly, this website is about books. The good ones.

          - You like reading? Enter in! If you discover one new favorite, I'll call it worth it. Yes, really.  Even the mandated psychiatrist consulatations after frying my brain putting all this together. So worth it.

          - Don't like reading? Well, life is rough, and at some point you're going to get assigned a book report. You can grump about it, or you can give a try at finding something that -- who knows -- you might end up liking, just a little.

So read on, or don't, as you please. Regardless, best wishes and please don't overdo it on the spinach.

**Note: Yes. The site is still under heavy construction and may resemble a scatterbrained octopus's sock drawer for quite some time. You aren't required to be understanding, but if you'd try anyway, that would be great.

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