Monday, June 23, 2014

Book Review of "Pie"

Pie, by Sarah Weeks

4.5 stars

Description:  The little town of Ipswitch, Pennsylvania was put on the map by the world's Pie Queen – Polly Portman. Polly's pie shop is famous the world over for the luscious pies that are Polly's signature. When Polly shocks the town by suddenly dying, Ipswitch experiences deep grief (not to mention pie withdrawal). The person who misses Polly the most is her niece, Alice. Alice seems to be the only one in Ipswitch who doesn't care why Polly mysteriously “gave” her worth-millions pie crust recipe to her cat. Instead, she investigates the various enigmas surrounding the town after Polly's death, even though it means encountering the more shady characters of Ipswitch.

Concerns: None.

Summary: This short book titled appropriately as Pie is about recognizing one's talents and making friends. Pie accomplishes that goal by weaving a tale of intrigue, suspense, and humor (with plenty of delicious descriptions of pies thrown in!). The amusing happenings in this story will certainly not be forgotten soon by readers; the town's thirst for fame parallels the get-rich-quick mentality in our society, yet approaches that greed with truth. Three cups of humor, two cups of mystery, and one cup of truth: the perfect recipe for Pie.

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