Monday, June 30, 2014

Book Review of "The Year Money Grew on Trees"

The Year Money Grew on Trees, by Aaron Hawkins

4 stars

Description: Jackson knew better than to let his neighbor talk him into the deal. But it sounded like such a good deal. One year working the apple orchard, and it was his for the cheap price of $8,000! Once he drags his siblings and cousins in as his hired hands, Jackson and crew embark on a year of adventure -- pruning 300 apple trees (THUD. Sam's down again!), learning to drive an ancient tractor (yes, even the 9-year-old), and the intricacies of irrigation (sorry about the flood, Mom!). But as time wears on, Jackson begins to realize they won't make it... and they have worked for an entire year only to lose the orchard and every penny they made.

Concerns: One crude part near the beginning as the school jerk... puts out a fire. Jackson keeps the deal a secret from his parents (and lies by omission to his sibling/cousin helpers).

Summary: The Year Money Grew on Trees is a great story about teamwork, perseverance, and friendship.  The book is not an action-packed read, but for farm kids -- or anyone who wants to be a farm kid -- it is reminiscent of real life, only with higher stakes than usual! Jackson learns his lesson about trusting other people to help him out, and everything comes out right in the end... even if "coming out right" didn't mean what Jackson and his crew were expecting.

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