Monday, June 2, 2014

Book Review of "A Way Through the Sea"

A Way Through the Sea, by Robert Elmer

4 stars

Description: Although bombs aren't exploding over their heads, World War II is still very real for Danish twins Elise and Peter. Nazi soldiers occupy their harbor town, and although the occupation seems peaceful, there are rivers of tension running just beneath surface... especially since the twins' best friend is a Jewish boy named Henrik. Whispers about the resistance movement abound, but shiny German boots around every turn have persuaded Peter that he just wants to stay out of trouble. When danger strikes in the night, not only Peter but his sister and friend must draw on every ounce of wit and courage they possess to live to see the morning.

Concerns: None.

Summary: This terrifying and yet wistfully triumphant moment in history deserves more acclaim than it has been given. It's not always easy to make history an easy read, but Elmer's book is fascinating -- and there's enough action mixed in with the carrier pigeons and fishing boats to keep everybody happy.  It takes some time for the story to start rolling, but once it does, this is a tense nail-biter that is well worth the wait.

**Note: This book is the first in Elmer's"Young Underground" series about Denmark during and after WWII.

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